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Maximize efficiency with the laboratory control computerized system LabPlus

The approval process for laboratory products can be long and costly and have countless written documents. Optimize and standardize your various proceed through LabPlus software. .

LabPlus is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to improve productivity and operation of laboratories. For over 20 years , LabPlus helps companies automate many of their laboratory processes . No matter the organization or laboratory structure, LabPlus software is fully adaptable and flexible according to pre-established scientific canvass of the organization in which it is installed.

Moreover, LabPlus laboratory software allows interfacing with various equipment used such as:

  • HPLC (UV, MS etc.)
  • GC (FID,MS,etc)
  • IC
  • TOC
  • ICP (MS)
  • Automatic titrator
  • Balance
  • pH-meter
  • X-ray diffractometer (DRX)
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • chromeleon
  • Empower
  • FasPac
  • MassLynx
  • SuperQ

These different communication interfaces with laboratory equipment can reduce the waiting time and the various means of communication between departments since LabPlus software provides real-time synchronization results through a single interface.

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Simplify your research methods with laboratory software LabPlus

Flexibility /

LabPlus is a software solution designed to suit the business rules and laboratory work cycles. Its highly configurable user-friendly interface enables interoperability with various laboratory equipment to automate quality inspection process

Flexibility / Interoperability


The LabPlus laboratory analysis software allows to document your research methods and processes from receipt of samples to the creation of lab reports. Moreover, the automated report generation based on real time data received allows you to increase your efficiency.

Laboratory analyzes


The LabPlus laboratory software allows through a single interface to manage your different laboratories resources. The system can manage multiple types of resources whether it's a laboratory instruments like a spectrometer to the remaining quantities of different solutions.

Resource management


Plan your operations and your various certifications qualities with laboratory software LabPlus. LabPlus allows you to automate your various sample analysis reports. In addition, each of the stages and results of your planning will be visible in real time through a single interface.

Laboratory services


Facilitate the management of your lab with the LabPlus application. The laboratory software allows you to set different alarms and notifications to enhance your quality control process. With LabPlus software you can determine in real time the achievement of your goals.

Laboratory management


The web access allows multidisciplinary teams to work using a centralized repository and keep the complete record of the evolution of a product or a laboratory sample. Different team members can discuss , review or edit the data , regardless of their locations.

Web accessibility

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