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Configuring resources

Configuring resourcesEasily manage lab resources with LabPlus

In LabPlus all static and semi-dynamic data can be easily configured based on the “extensive” database and the LabPlus data structure. Even if LabPlus is delivered with most used types of resources used by laboratories, it is very easy to add more resources or to just reference those resources (generic or configured) to better identify, describe, and report laboratory data.


How the ressources configuration work ?


In LabPlus resources consist of a data table and a resource attributes, its fields. So a resource can be a simple list such as list of statuses, list of sampling points, or can be a complex one that allows configuring not just one relevant list but 2 or more sub-lists. As example, the resource Method for which it is possible to configure method test definitions, method test validations, and method QC plans.

Screen shot of a simple list (List of Sample Statuses)

Configuring resources

Screen shot of a complex data (Method)

Configuring resources

All the required Lists of data or Resources can be configured with their set of attributes. Moreover, a resource can act as an attribute and be referenced into another resource. (ex. configuring an instrument field into the method table). So a referenced attribute will automatically produce a filtered dropdown list of data available to choose from.


Managing resources is a headache for your lab?


The lims LabPlus software allows you to manage these in just a few clicks

The attributes can take the format you want it to be text, multiline text, XML text, integer, date, time, date / time, true / false, decimal, tag, status, reference, and group. In addition, each attribute can be qualified as: required, read only, and single-write.

Lims, the most flexible software

Satellite functions are available for all entities. The satellite functions provide the implementation of advanced pre-designed functionality to an entity. Attached to each record of a resource, this is where these functions are deployed: History and Audit functions are used for traceability of actions and modifications performed to an entity; Comment and Attachment functions allow to store more information about an entity; more than one comment can be created thus a discussion can be preserved as well as many attached documents or images.

Screen shot for Attachment

Configuring resources