LabPlus - Lighten your research methodologies with LabPlus laboratory software
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Lighten your research methodologies with LabPlus laboratory software


Functions LabPlusLabPlus, the LIMS solution with multiple functions designed for your laboratory

The LabPlus software has a fully developed version for use in a web environment. This web version of the lab software does not require any installation on the workstation and is accessible at all times. In addition, LabPlus has an intuitive graphical interface that is easy to configure and manage. With a few clicks, your team can manage the laboratory thanks to this LIMS solution with multiple advantages.

Interfacing your analytical instruments and enterprise resource management systems already in place with LabPlus Lab software

LWhere LabPlus is differentiating itself from other LIMS is by its extensive functionality – by simply adding a new action button that executes a custom plugin you can create new functions. New plugins allow you to define and manage any actions you want the system to deliver!

Developed and improved as required by our actual clientele, LabPlus provides all basic LIMS features for data management ; from the logging of analytical requests, samples, and analyses assignment as well as all data pertaining to analytical activities.

The lims software with multiple features allows a level of flexibility unmatched by any other laboratory software. Only costly in-house fix solutions designed according to your company's established protocols during its design make it possible to reach this level


Lims software with various custom functions for better management


Lims software with various custom functions for better management

LabPlus differs from other LIMS in its extensive functionality. Indeed, the addition of a new function in the software is done by a single click executing a custom plug-in. This plugin allows to define and manage the addition of the functions that you desire with a single click.

As soon as the information is confirmed and the samples received, the analytical work in the software can begin. ThelLab software LabPlus will allow you to manage the analytical cycle for samples, worksheets, resource assignment, instrument management and quality control. In addition, results management, including validation and approval of the various analyzes, management of internal and external communications to the production chain, and finally the analytical cycle of the management of the reports as well as the invoicing.

LabPlus has a lot of functions that make laboratory work easier. The table below lists all possible management functions with the Lab software LabPlus :