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LabPlus history over time.

Company History

During the 1994-2004 period LabPlus (version 1 and 2) was developed in Visual Basic, and designed as client-server architecture. A Microsoft Access environment was allowing clients to easily develop and integrate new features, custom reports and more. Using the state-of-the-art technology LabPlus CE, a “mobile” system for field sample collection was developed as well as an “e-LabPlus” web application that has enabled remote log-in samples and on-line access to lab reports.

Working with various laboratories, LabPlus Technologies further understood the needs for true web-based LIMS that laboratories were requesting. At LabPlus Technologies, we appreciate that not every laboratory is the same and have their unique requirements. That is why LabPlus is designed to


Your laboratory is claiming SR & ED credits !


Your laboratory is claiming SR & ED credits !

Maximize your SR&ED tax credit for expenditures

Each year, more than $ 4 billion are granted refunds and SR&ED tax credits. But the optimization for applications is a more complex process. RD Manager is a bilingual online solutions that enables companies to claim their tax credits for scientific research and experimental development ( SR&ED), commit only a fraction of the usual cost. Designed and programmed in Canada.

We have a software for you, visit the site of the scientific research and experimental development software RD Manager