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The LabPlus web service interface

The laboratory software makes it easy and efficient to interface the software and all analytical systems and instruments from the LabPlus laboratory software. You can configure XML file exchange between systems and LabPlus using the interface of multiple LabPlus web services

Web service interface

The LabPlus Web Service Interface provides standard based XML interfacing to the LabPlus application that can read/write data in a transactional or non-transactional mode.

Web Services combine the best aspects of component-based development and the Web. Like components, Web Services represent black-box functionality that can be reused without worrying about how the service is implemented.

The LabPlus Web Services are accessed via the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and are defined in terms of the messages the Web Service accepts and generates. The recommended mode of interfacing systems is the automatic mode based on the import/export of XML files.

Service Interface "File Watcher"

LabPlus Service Interface (SI) File Watcher is used as a bridge between file based systems and the LabPlus Web Service.

For instance, it can be used to monitor a specific directory containing any types of output data files and automatically connect to the LabPlus Web Service and process files whenever they are created in the directory.

LabPlus SI File Watcher can monitor multiple directories at the same time, using a different user account for each, supports multithread and provides configurable tracing and error logging mode.

Instrument Interfacing Options

Different interfacing strategies can be developed in partnership with our clientele. LabPlus Technologies's LinkRS-232, offers the best economical value to interface balances and any other instruments sending results through RS-232 communication serial port.

iLink is designed to address issues of data integrity and security. It offers significant new features and enhancements to ensure data security and further assist in maintaining CFR21 part 11 compliance, as information is transferred between instruments and LabPlus.

The iLink software is used to connect analytical devices to a computer to automate the collection of results and perform simple processing of the data. iLink can be integrated with LabPlus to provide a global solution for laboratory management.

iLink works under Windows environment. It is a fast deployment technology that requires no programming.

Think smart think LabPlus!

Interface Analytical instrument

It is easy to interface your various laboratory analytical instruments using the LimsLinks interface that is fully compatible with LabPlus software or the LabPlus web service. Your laboratory can benefit from reduced data inputs and more efficient data acquisition.

Instrument Interfacing Options

Different interface strategies can be considered in partnership with our customers. Through its numerous implementation projects, logiq has developed several customized interfacing methods for several types of instruments. Through these experiments we can advise you in choosing the required interfaces in order to minimize your investment while improving your analytical processes.